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Comprehensive Estate Solutions

When it comes to dependable probate real estate services, Bay County Probate Expert in Panama City, Florida is the specialist to call. We provide:

  •  Power washing, as needed
  •  Flower bed cleaning and mulching, as needed
  • Property analysis and valuation for maximum profit plan
  • Consultation with family members and heirs to achieve consensus
  • Consultation with family members on needed repairs and arrange for repairs for maximum profit on sale
  •  Thorough cleaning of property and arrangement of furnishings for maximum marketability and profit
  • Arrangement of estate sale for maximum profit and convenience after the house goes under contract
  • Donation, total clean out of any remaining items after sale
  • Arrangement of cash offers from investors if you prefer an extremely fast disposition
  • Exquisite wide-angle photography with full Photoshop editing as well as pricing advice to pull in the most buyers, achieving maximum profit potential

From Clean Out to Closing

Unfortunately, many estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance, either because the late homeowner was ill or simply could not maintain it properly for other reasons. You can alleviate the anxiety of repairing and/or maintaining the probate property by leaving the details to my carefully vetted team of reliable home professionals to bring the home up to a marketable condition in order to be sold in a competitive market.

Our single focus is to provide families with valuable services and resources during transitioning life events by utilizing a team of local professionals. Our unique set of skills helps families face the challenges of estate disposition profitably and conveniently.

Five Simple Steps 

1. Strategize the Best Plan of Action

2. Schedule Solution Providers

3. Organize Your Personal Property

4. Prepare Your Home for Sale

5. Market and Sell the Home